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The Quintessential Vision Board Workshop

Learn how to manifest and attract health, wealth, success, love, and much more!

Being a leader is a lot of responsibility. You are often being watched and judged on how you handle situations. Why not learn the proper ways to handle difficult situations so that you can build a healthy interdependence with your staff which ultimately gets you what you want in the end.

Get out of your own way!!! Your subconscious holds 96% of your behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. 80% of your time is spent thinking negative thoughts! Harness the power of positive psychology by using neuro-plasticity principles which can reduce stress and improve overall life! 
Communication Skills
How you talk to others, the way you talk to them, and when you talk to them is very important! Learn the 3 types of communication, how non-verbal communication plays a huge role in your day to day interactions, and how your ears are the best tool on your entire body so that you can communicate effectively. Through cognitive behavioral approaches I provide a triple threat communication system that improves interaction with others at home, school, and work!

Managing Others

Management is nothing more than inspiring and motivating your team. Managers require a different skill set because your success depends on how well your team performs. I teach you how to prepare for your position, set goals, give rewards, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Do you need to learn how to type in the correct address on your GPS so that you can get to your destination? All of your dreams and aspirations can be reached through goal setting. I show you efficient and effective ways to set  strategic attainable goals, develop objectives, and strategies to get you moving in the right direction!

Are you moving through life with no definite purpose, no set mission, or no vision for your life. Let me help you identify, improve, and inspire movement and change by providing authentic coaching strategies to prevent you from feeling STUCK!

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