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Having a vision for your life is essential to being happy and successful.  This manual, planner and journal will have you achieving your dreams in no time. 

Have you been wondering why you were created? Do you need clarity? Feeling unfulfilled? Know that you have been called o do more but don't know exactly what it is? Are you trying to figure out life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must purchase this book. Everyone has an assignment on this earth and finding out what yours is helps make this world a better place. Authentically You: A Strategic Guide to Discovering Your Purpose, Mission & Vision is a workbook filled with exercises, questions, prayers, and affirmations to answer all of your questions. God has a plan for your life. He has provided you with gifts, abilities and talents uniquely designed for you to use to reach your mission in life. Each guided activity propels you closer to finding out what your mission is and in turn launches you into fulfilling the ultimate vision God has positioned you for. This thing called life is a puzzle of sorts and you are a piece of the puzzle. The puzzle is undone if you are missing. It's incomplete. Therefore, you matter! You are special! You are needed!We cannot do this thing called life without you! So let's get started to discovering who you really are. Blessings!

Get ready for major breakthrough in your life!  This coaching program helps you overcome obstacles in life and places you on the path to victory!  Your life is not over! After going through the fire, you shall come out of this situation as pure gold and live your life empowered!

  1. 40pg Workbook - Breakdown for a Breakthrough
  2. MP4 Audio Message - You're Pregnant with Purpose
  3. Breakthrough Prayer
  4. 50 Affirmations
  5. 50 Declarations


The Authentic Woman Workbook is for women who feel stuck, feel as if they continue going through the same cycle again and again, who want a life change or who need to overcome obstacles in their life.  For many years I asked myself why do I keep experiencing the same problems?  Then I found out that other women ask themselves the same question.  So as I went through the process of finding myself, the work being done manifested in a series of questions I had to answer.  Hence, The Authentic Woman Workbook became.  Are you ready for an authentic change in your life?   Start here!

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