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Sherress L. Hicks is a highly sought after empowerment coach, speaker, and author. Known as a holistic life strategist, Sherress is the Founder and CEO of S.L.H. Consulting, LLC, a strategic consulting and personal development company, created to build strategic innovative thinkers and communicators. As a solution focused empowerment coach, Sherress is dedicated to each consumer she serves, always offering more than promised. She has had over 98% success rate and holds each of her consumers accountable for their success. 

Having over 17 years experience in the counseling and education fields, Sherress decided to reinvent her career.  By starting her own coaching and consulting firm, she now teaches the best formula of cognitive behavior strategies for individuals and companies.  Sherress teaches that when your holistic health is balanced, you become more productive which in turn equals success! Her relentless desire to build strategic, innovative thinkers, and communicators is essential, efficient, and effective for all of her consumers. 

Not only does Sherress strategically consult companies and organizations, but her charge is for everyone to be successful in each area of their lives.  

Sherress received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the Norfolk State University which helped her gain knowledge and understanding in behavior patterns and positive psychology.  Due to the consuming nature of performance improvement,  organizational behavior, and strategic innovation, Sherress decided to obtain a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management which showed her how to start, operate, market, and build a strong company strategically and authentically. She is also a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach.

Since empowering others comes naturally to Sherress, she also hosts an annual Super Conqueror's Women's Conference that attracts women from all walks of life and addresses issues in Life, Business, Health, and Wealth. A more intimate and in depth empowerment tool is captured during her Fall/Winter Manifest! Retreat which helps women re-align themselves to manifest desires in life!

The quality of service Sherress provides is incomparable. The knowledge she gives is fascinating. The time she spends is well worth it. And the success you will have is priceless!

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